AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review, Bonus, and Insane Discount

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Product: Affilojetpack 2.0

Cost: $997 (only $747 through my affiliate link)

Verdict: 100% Recommended with money back + $100 Guarantee

Affilojetpack 2.0 review

What is it?

AffiloJetpack 2.0 is a revolutionary new product that simplifies affiliate marketing and guarantees success (or your money back + $100).  AffiloJetpack is by the same company that created Affilorama, (read the review here) the free training for affiliate marketers, and is making serious waves in the internet marketing ocean.

AffiloJetpack 2.0 Review, Bonus, and Discount
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AffiloJetpack 2.0’s entire purpose is to help you make affiliate income online. It makes making your first money easier than ever and helps you quickly scale to $500/month, $1000/month, $10,000/month, and beyond!  So how does it help you make huge amounts of money?

The hardest part of making money online is creating quality content that converts, and AffiloJetpack is a system that converts like crazy.  AffiloJetpack is a suite of software and content that makes so you can setup a beautiful website in one of 18 high profit niches with only a few clicks.  A purchase of AffiloJetpack gets you:

  • 1 year’s worth of email newsletters (90 emails) $1,800 value
  • 3 10,000 word free reports and ebook graphics you can use as freebies and to get people to sign up to your mailing list $1,200 value
  • AffiloTheme, their custom-made WordPress theme that is designed to encourage opt-ins to your email lists. You can use this theme on INFINITE websites using their builder and theme. $97 value
  • 12 months of web hosting (for 1 site) $96 value
  • DFY website setup
  • 20 article research packs for each of the 5 niches you choose.  This is an insane feature, it includes article ideas and lists of facts about your niche that you can use to write original content, and if you don’t know, Google loves original content.
  • Content packs for 5 of 18 guaranteed high profit niches $3000 value per site!

Want to see more?  Check out the product page.

What are the niches?

The first step in making money online as an affiliate marketer is picking a profitable niche.  The only problem with that is that if you are new then choosing the wrong one can cost you lots of time and money (I can tell you that from experience!).  AffiloJetpack includes access to the incredible content packs of 5 of the 18 ever-green niches:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Muscle Building
  3. Dog Training
  4. Self-Help
  5. Dating and Relationships For Women
  6. Dating and Relationships For Men
  7. Natural Health
  8. How to Save Your Relationship
  9. Learn to Sing (I didn’t expect this one to make the list, but they have some amazing stuff for it.)
  10. Pregnancy and Fertility
  11. Green Energy
  12. Making Money Online (Affiliate Marketing And Internet Marketing)
  13. Making Money (Not online. :D)
  14. Spirituality and alternative beliefs
  15. Diet/Nutrition
  16. Survival
  17. Hawaii Travel (Same as #7, didn’t expect much, but was blown away by what they had to offer.
  18. Golf

With AffiloJetpack you get access to the content packs of the 5 of these niches that you choose.  The creator has been making huge amounts of money in all of these niches for the past 15 years and he guarantees that they will work for you.

Click here to learn more!

The Money Back + $100 Guarantee

This product has been so successful over the years that they’re offering 2 amazing guarantees.

Guarantee 1:

If you don’t like AffiloJetpack for any reason, email support within 60 days of your purchase and they will refund your purchase, no questions asked.  They don’t hassle you about it either, they have one of the best support teams I’ve ever seen.

Guarantee 2 (I suggest you go for this one):

They call this their “Total system failure” guarantee.  They are so confident that if you follow their system to the letter you WILL start making good money online within 60 days that if you don’t they will give you a full refund and pay you $100 for your time.  That’s right, they will pay you to try out their product.  It’s that good.  If you’re ready to start making money online, risk free click here.

Affilojetpack 2.0 video review

Affilojetpack 2.0 video review to go here.


AffiloJetpack 2.0 Bonuses

Bonus #1: Top-Secret Traffic Strategy Workshops

You get exclusive access to 3 videos containing the information you need to get massive boosts in money-making traffic.

Bonus #2: AffiloBlueprint 3.0

Our second bonus includes one of Affilorama’s other products, AffiloBlueprint 3.0 AffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step training for building your website.  It shows you how to research a niche, build a site, get traffic, and how to mass produce the whole process.  No matter your skill level you’re sure to pick up some great gems.

Bonus #3: Massive discount

I managed to get us a 25% off discount, making the price $747 instead of the usual $997.  This is incredibly low for such an amazing product and I don’t know how long it will last so act soon.  Get yours now.


Whether you’re a seasoned expert or completely new to the field, this will help you make your first dollar, and will help you make thousands more every single month.  I cannot recommend this product enough.  If you’re interested and want to nab our awesome bonuses and get our massive discount click here.



Affilorama Review, Premium, AffiloTools Review

Thanks for stopping by to read my Affilorama review and bonus. :-)

Product: Affilorama

Cost: 100% Free (For the training.  Read below to find out about their incredible software and tools.)

Verdict: 100% recommended


Affilorama review

What is it?

Affilorama is a really awesome training program that is 100% free and covers everything you need to get started making money online as an affiliate marketer.

(Never heard of affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, and you can get started within a few days to a few weeks (I made my first money 5 days after setting up my first site!).  Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else’s product and they pay you a commission on every product you sell.)affilorama-review

The training includes over 100 free lessons that show you exactly what to do and how to do it to get jump started in your online money making efforts.  You also get access to interviews and videos from the best professionals in the industry.  The best part though, is it’s free!  The training covers:

  • Affiliate marketing, what it is, how it works, and the best ways to get started making money online.
  • Market Research
  • Content Creation
  • Site Building
  • Marketing Ideas
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • How to outsource the entire process
  • Bonus videos from some of the smartest minds in the industry

Beside the training the programs includes:

  • A virtual “lesson book” to track the lessons you’ve covered to help guide you in the right direction
  • Access to one of the largest affiliate forums online today (an incredible bonus)
  • Access to video and webinars that interview the biggest names in IM (Internet Marketing)

You’re probably wondering how they can give away such great content and service for free.  That’s a great question.  They have a number of paid tools that make everything about online marketing so much easier, which you’re welcome to invest in or not.  Their promise is that the training program will always be 100% free.  Sign up for your free training here.

Paid Tools Overview (Affilotools review and Premium Review)

The two most common paid tools in Affilorama are Affilotools and Affilorama Premium.  Both of these are incredible products that cost $1 each for the first month, so you can try them almost risk-free, and if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Affilotools – What is it and what does it do?

Affilotools is an inexpensive bundled suite of (expensive) internet marketing software that almost every professional in the industry uses.  The suite includes:

  • Marketing tools that pull data from
    • MOZ
    • SEM Rush
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google Analtyics
    • Bing
    • ClickBank
    • Enom
    • and Namecheap
  • Backlink checker to uncover the exact links to a competitor’s website
  • A high-PR link finding tool to find new linking partners
  • A website health checker that monitors on-page SEO errors, page speed, pages indexed and page errors
  • Keyword research tool to find new PPC keywords previously missed
  • Domain research tool to find related available domains
  • Social media tool that lets you monitor and update Facebook and Twitter from one place
  • Search engine ranking monitor for Google and Bing
  • Updated training every month that keeps you up to date on the latest trends in the industry
  • PLR articles in numerous niches and free hosting for up to 15 sites a year

Long story short, this makes it easier to do everything about Internet Marketing and helps you rank higher in Google.  If you’re intermediate or advanced you know how much time and money this software suite can save you.  If you’re a beginner just know that there is no scarcity, this will always be available when you’re ready for it.  If you think you’re ready for it now, click here for your $1 first month.

Affilorama Premium – What is it and what does it do?

Affilorama Premium includes all of Affilotools as well as:

  • A 4 part video series that shows you a site Mark Link created from scratch, how he ranked it, and his results.
  • Access to hundreds of PLR articles in numerous niches that are updated every month

You can get your first month for $1 by clicking here.

Video Affilorama review

For those of you that like to see products in action I made this video.  Hope you enjoy it!

Video affilorama review to go here


This is the greatest free training for Affiliate marketing on the market and I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is looking into making money online or is already making money online.  Their training covers so much that even advanced Internet Marketers will be able to glean more than one gem, and access to the forums are probably even more valuable than the training itself.  And if you decide to, you can access their amazing tool suite and PLRs for $1 for the first month.

If you haven’t already, sign up for their incredible free training.

Happy marketing,